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Hello from our staff at Golden Tan Tanning Salons. We would love to show you what we have in store for your first and every visit. Whether you have a vacation coming up in the tropics or just want to look your best, stop by and we are sure you will appreciate the individual attention to transition you into a bronze figure of attention.

Golden Tan has 5 different levels of tanning for all our clients needs. Started on February 1st 2008, Golden Tan's easy yet efficient Point system works as follows: You buy a package of Points, and each bed has an assigned point value. If you want to tan in the Platinum bed for example it's only 10 points. The new system allows customers to tan where they want, in the equipment they want, whenever they want - No Limitations and No Expirations on Points Packages! Also Points packages of 80 or more can be shared between two people. Each equipment level offers unique benefits, and they are all industry best of breed when it comes to results.

Our Promise:

When you stop by, our experienced consultants will explain how our tanning systems work and how you can get the best results based on your specific complexion and tanning requirement. We carry the best lotions and skin products on the market today which will advance your results and help you maintain for longer durations. So stop in today for a NO OBLIGATION tour and consultation. We will be expecting you.

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